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3Dfy.me is proud to be the first provider to bring personal 3D-full-body digitisation services to the New Zealand consumer and commercial market. We are using state-of-the-art digital capturing technology to create photo-realistic digital 3D-human (or animal) models of our customers. Once captured you will be able to privately view, share, 3D-colour-print or use the digital 3D-models for value-added personal 3D-lifestyle services.

Occasions to use our digital full-body 3D modeling services:

To name a few…
– wedding pairs who want an individual wedding cake figurine to themselves
– jubilee brides and grooms
– endless very special gift opportunities for birthdays, mothers’ / fathers’ day, Christmas, corporate events ..you name it …
– masters with their pets who want capture a moment with their best animal friend for ever
– families who seek to capture multiple phases in their lives by modelling a 3D-figurine every year
– couples who like to immortalize their love with a pair of 3D-replicas
– grandparents who want to have their grandchildren around them them – in a most life like fashion (while they may be far away)
– sport teams who would like to crown their joint success by a 3D-effigy of the group
– business customers who want to incentivise their employees etc.#
– Graduations

Our 3D-capturing services are initially offered on events or by appointment in Wellington only, i.e. as a mobile (pop-up) business for private/corporate customers. In order to get captured we invite you to visit our scanning booth (“Beambox”) in person (and/or with your pets if you like) and set up your personal online account on the spot. We are planning to offer booked services too (e.g. for weddings, graduations, business events, etc.). We will publish on our website the events in advance and you will be able to come to our booth and get your 3D-scans.

The services that we will initially sell through our web store are the following:

1) Digital 3D full-body capturing service, in colour and high level of detail (3D photography).
2) Online viewing & social sharing of personal (human/animal) digital 3D-models using a navigable 3D viewer.
3) Download of personal human/animal 3D-model files in full colour & high detail.
4) 3D-full colour printing of photo realistic, personal mini replicas (figurines) of various sizes.

Expect to see more 3D digital modeling service offerings coming your way delivered through the 3Dfy.me customer portal.

Why should you give it a Go – Because it’s cool! … and besides …

Our awesome Beambox and sophisticated software technology can transform YOUR special moment and loved ones into amazingly realist digital models.
You can view, share and download your models any-time, anywhere, using any device
Through state-of-the art body scanning and 3D color printing technology, we can create magically detailed human mini replicas that you can hold in your hands and view from any angle: custom-made mini-selfies.
3D photo replicas are a revolutionary way of capturing a special moment in your life. Whether it’s a family portrait, a proud mother and her newborn baby, or an entire rugby team.
For you it is as easy and quick as being photographed. And the best part – no need to hold your breath for minutes at a time. All happens in a split of a second

As a result, kids and pets can also be effortlessly 3D-scanned with our technology
Your personal 3D model will allow you to take advantage from future innovative added value, 3D-online services in areas such as Health, Fitness, Online-Tailoring, Online Gaming Avatars…and many more exciting opportunities you can’t even think of today.

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