The 3D-scanning process ...

How should I pose for my scan?

Our friendly team will help you find a pose that not only looks awesome, but will be easily processed by our 3D-modeling software.

What should I wear?

Avoid shiny or reflective clothing. On the other end, completely black or white clothing is also not ideal. Your best bet would be colourful clothing with rich patterns and structures (e.g. cotton, wool, textured fabrics, etc.)

Are there any risks to my health during the scan process?

NO, there aren’t any! Basically what happens is, our scanning both takes more than 300 pictures of you in less than a second. It‘s just like getting photographed in any other photo studio.

Can I scan little children and pets?

Of course! The actual capturing process only takes less than a second. If your child or pet can hold still during that time period, there should be no problem!

Are couple/partner scans possible?

Principally we can scan up to 3 people at a time. However, depending on how you are positioned to each other, you can cover up parts of your partner resulting in lower model texture/colour quality of your model output.


Technical ...

How long does the scan take?

The actual scanning process takes less than a second. However, you should spare at least 5-10 minutes per session as it includes instructions and finding your very special pose.

What materials are used for the figurines?

The 3D-printer uses special powdery plaster material for our figurines. It is baked tightly together during the print process to form a fairly sturdy figurine body. The surface has a sandstone-like look and feel. We do certainly not recommend to treat the figurine as a toy and if you want to enjoy your mini-you for as long as possible you better keep it out of reach of little children and pets …:)

Can I submit my own pictures for you to scan?

Unfortunately not. Our scanning booth is fitted with 154 camera sensors to ensure our 3D-modelling program is able to create a high-quality 360 degree digital 3D- model of you. The quality is significantly better of what can be achieved from manually captured photos.

What will be the format of my 3D-model download files?

You will receive your file in .obj (Wavefront OBJ) and 4k resolution texture file in .jpg format which can be processed by all current 3D- modelling tools available in the market.

Payment and Delivery of your order ...

How do I pay?

On-site you can pay using EFTPOS, credit card(Visa and Master Card) or cash.

For online orders we accept direct bank transfer and credit card (Visa, Master Card).

Please understand that for online credit card payments we currently charge 2% fees on your order amount.

How long do I have to wait for for my product to arrive?

This depends on the product. If you purchase the 3D-Explorer scan and modeling service, we try to upload the processed file (raw, unprocessed model) to your online account within 3 working days. A 3D-download (processed and refined model file) will be available for you within 1-2 weeks and a 3D-Print will be shipped within 15 – 20 working days.

Should there be any exceptions we will definitely let you know. We will send update notification email as the order status progresses.

Can I return my 3D-prints? (Mini-Yous)

Please understand as these are high quality, made-to-order products we will not be able to refund you. That said, we ask you to have a look at the display items we bring along during our events and ask any questions about the quality and technical capabilities of our printing facilities. Also you will have the opportunity to check out your model online before you confirm the print. Prints are usually submitted to production 5 – 10 days after your scan session. During that time we advise you to have a look at your model online and make sure you are satisfied. We will send a confirmation e-mail before we commence the printing process.