… and get introduced to the 3D-world by our friendly team

3Dfy.me is based in Wellington, however, don’t let the home base fool you; we are always on the move! Check our online events calendar to find out the venue of our next event, and drop by with your family, friends and pets. And, you can even book your appointment in advance to avoid queuing. Simply click here to set up your online customer account, choose the service option and get ready for a lightning-fast scan.

… welcome to our amazing 3D-Photo Booth – the Beambox!

This is a unique piece of digital capturing technology, as unique as the aliens the name reminds you of. Our custom-engineered photogrammetry 3D-scanner is able to capture a full-body 3D-scan faster than Lucky Luke’s shadow. The multi-camera system (154 cameras in total) is based on photogrammetry principles and allows highly detailed digital captures of any up to human-sized objects using more than 300 source images of our customers, adding up to Giga-Pixels of processed data.

… high-end mathematical algorithms crunch through your image data

During the scan, your geometrical and photo technical data (big words again) are processed by our highly sophisticated and powerful 3D-modeling software.If you’re keen, you can even watch while we are working. Finally a preview model is generated, so that you can review your 3D-scan while you are still on-site if you wish to.



3D-Model Mesh

Generated 3D-model mesh

… access your model through your browser and share with the world.

Your preview model will be available in your private online account about 2 – 3 working days after your scan session. This can be zoomed in and out and be navigated from all angles. View it on your desktop or mobile device and share it with anyone in your social network. The preview model is processed using only a reduced amount of data to speed up the processing time (5-10 minutes) and to produce a model quality that is a reasonable representation of the print-ready product.

… refining and cleaning up your model (only for download & print)

Once you decide to either download or print your digital 3D model, the quality will be enhanced both manually, by our 3D-artists and with a high resolution file.

Our 3D-Photogrammetry software has now analysed the quality of all visible details, and we’ll run your model file through our pre-print processing pipeline where  we refine the geometry, texture and colour tones. Our 3D-artists will use their specialist skills to ensure highest, lifelike print output.

… own and modify your digital model file

Would you rather edit and transform your personal 3D-model yourself? No worries, through your online customer account, you can place an order to download your 3D- model and use it for anything you like. As a gift, home décor piece, or just because. Choose the model quality and detail required … and use your own talent and tools to alter mesh, texture or apply special effects.

… bringing your selfies to life …

At this stage your mini-replicas come to life. We use one of the very few full-colour high-end 3D-printers available in New Zealand to convert your complex model geometry information voxel by voxel and layer by layer into little pieces of art. Your very own sculpture. In full colour. Truly immortalised.

… finally – the wait is over !!

Once your figurine’s production is perfected, it is ready for shipping. We can ship out your 3D-replicas by NZ CourierPost parcel service to anywhere in NZ and overseas. A pick-up option at our Wellington-based print partner is available too – provided you have selected the pick-up option when you place the order with us.