Cirkus Production teams up with to create magic movie experience were approached by the award winning international animation house Cirkus Production Ltd in Auckland to support them with the creation and 3D-print production of a set of life-like miniature figurines.

A large Philippine retail operator had selected Cirkus to create “timeless, magical moments” that will be experienced when visiting their shopping malls.

Being a bunch of incredibly talented artists Cirkus decided to take an unusual, fresh approach to creating a dream-like miniature world. The whole set was built by hand and only a few CGI extensions and floating physical elements were added for the camera fly-through.

As a key requirement for the magical illusion the human “actors” placed around the flight path¬† needed to be physically created in the desired poses and clothes, as life-like as possible. To achieve this human talent, dressed in suitable clothes were 3D-scanned in multiple poses (using our advanced photogrammetry technology), digitally reconstructed, and adjusted where needed (e.g. facial features and clothes).

Next was tasked with ensuring the best suitable production process and 3D-print file preparation to achieve great geometrical detail and vivid, crisp colour outputs. Given 3D-printing in full-colour is quite a niche technology and only very few printer manufactures in the market, this was not an easy feat to be accomplished. Luckily managed to secure the support from the School of Design Innovation at the Victoria University Wellington. We were very privileged to use their full-colour photo-polymer print production facility to create the stunningly colourful figurines you can see in the final movie. A big shout-out to the the team from the Vic Uni Resource Centre!

And now, without further ado, enjoy the making-of film ‘Small Moments’ by Cirkus.

Who’s a good boy? – Treat yourself to a mini-buddy.

Yep, we do dogs as well. Now is the time to get your mini-buddy printed – we got the tech sorted for you. offers the perfect gift for all dog lovers – photo-realistic figurines, 3D-printed in sandstone material – unique in New Zealand.

Benny – Explosive Detector Dog from the Wellington Airport, got happily digitised too… we used 154 sensors, capturing time: 0.06 sec! Benny and his mini buddy – love at first sight.

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The making of your 3D-Mini-You

Check out our latest video and find out step by step how you can get your 3D-Mini You printed and the amazing technology involved. We provide business services too, so get in touch and let us know how we can add value to your project. Meet us at our studio in Wellington (1 Norwood Place / Johnsonville, Wellington or at one of the events around New Zealand.

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Check out our 3D-Scanner video …

Our self-designed and locally built 3D-scanner is a unique piece of digital capturing technology. It captures full-body 3D-images faster than a blink of the eye (0.1 secs). The multi-camera system (154 cameras in total) is based on photogrammetry principles and allows for highly detailed digital captures of any up to human-sized subject using 300+ source images of our customers adding up to Giga-Pixels of processed data.