… easy as … 3D-photography!

3D-photography is a new, unique way of capturing special life moments. From family portraits, to proud mums and their newborn babies to even an entire rugby team. It’s as quick and easy as going to any conventional photographer! And the best part – no need to hold your breath for minutes at a time, it all happens in a split of a second. Poof! and it’s done.

… and how you can take your special moments to the next dimension?

Our custom-engineered Photogrammetry 3D-scanner makes it possible to capture a full 3D-scan in a split second. The multi-camera system (150 cameras in total) is based on photogrammetry principles.

After the scan, your geometrical and photo technical data (big words for lots and lots of pictures), sourced from up to 300 photos are processed by our 3D-modelling software and collected for post processing. Your data will be securely stored on our servers.

Finally a preview model is generated, so that you can review your 3D-scan image while still on-site. Below you can see a model of an Armageddon Cosplayer that can be viewed and controlled by any web browser.

… think no longer …!

3D-full colour printing of photo-realistic, personal mini-replicas/figurines is now available in New Zealand.

Once our photogrammetry software has analysed the quality of all visible model details, we’ll take your digital form and make sure the print turns out as lifelike as possible. We’ll make use of a high resolution file and may even get 3D-artists to touch it up manually to ensure you get the best possible, life-like print output. Next, we’ll use latest state-of-the-art colour 3D-printing technology to bring your digital sculpture to the real world. Voxel by voxel, layer by layer, the three-dimensional portrait grows into the final product as if by magic!

… and the endless possibilities using your accurate body geometry data?


Imagine the millions of things you could do with accurately scaled 3D-models of yourself and others!

There’s a whole new world out there of value-added, personal lifestyle 3D-services and our high-quality 3D-models are your chance to get into this world. With accurately scaled and digitised body models, you will be able to take advantage of the brave new world of 3D-digital online service, such as personal 3D-Gaming Avatars, health and fitness 3D-body measurements, virtual online fitting rooms and many more, all will be available through 3Dfy.me.