Book your 3D-Scan at Armageddon Wellington

$5.00 inc. GST

Visit us at the Armageddon Expo in Wellington (stand #81 opposite end of the stadium’s main entry) and get yourself and your loved ones’ digital 3D-model captured by our friendly team!

Product Description

Experience our awesome 3D-Photo Booth “The Beambox” – Unique in New Zealand. Just 1-2 seconds is all it takes to capture you tip to toe, three dimensions, 360 degrees, in full colour – Goodbye boring old 2D-photography!

Please note that you will have to pay a booking fee but – take it easy … you also receive a coupon worth $5 with your confirmed booking that you can use for your next purchase with us. Let the staff know your coupon code, and we will apply it to our order amount.

Make sure to choose one appointment slot per person to be 3D-captured. One session is approx. 5 min.

For best scanning results we recommend you to take a quick look at our FAQ sections here:

Getting 3D-scanned – Useful pre-read!