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We’d love to have you drop by with your loved ones to get your 3D-scan taken at the University of Auckland Graduation Ceremony!  Visit our friendly team at the Spark Arena Upper Atrium to get your digital full-body 3D-model captured and a mini-figurine printed! Check our product description below for more information on materials and pricing.

Product Description

Experience our awesome 3D-Photo Booth – Unique in New Zealand. Just 2-3 seconds is all it takes to capture your pet and/or you a tip to toe, head to tail, three dimensions, in full colour. Good-bye 2D-photography!

Essentially our service includes 3D-scanning, digital 3D-modelling and full-colour 3D-printing of realistic human or canine replicas (Mini-You / Mini-Buddy figurines).

As part of the service you will receive a link to view and share you 3D-digital avatar on Facebook or other social platforms.

Example (Graduate Avatar):  3D-viewer

Effective scan time per person is less than 1 second (to capture 300+ photos of the subject) and our service is suitable for children, elderly people and even for dogs. FYI – The actual print production is performed off-site.

For good results we recommend to not capture more than two persons at a time (we get best results from scanning person by person, individually).


The cost of the service depend on the chosen material and size (height) of the printed figurine.

Our  event rates (prices per printed person) are as follows.

Material 1 – CJP (sandstone)

12 cm –  $189

16 cm –  $259

21 cm –  $399

Material 2 – Polyjet (photo-polymer)

12 cm –  $225

16 cm –  $309

21 cm –  $449

Dogs – 10 cm (high or long – sitting or lying pose)

Material 1: $219

Material 2: $289

We can do larger sizes on request too!

File download only  $150 (digital avatar file only, excluding print production)

Cost above include GST and NZ shipping cost are $10.

We offer 10% order discount on the figurines for orders including 3 or more persons.

Material Information

Material option 1:  Full-colour sandstone (composite powder)

Composite material full-colour prints (CJP – Colour Jet Printing) leave the printer fully coloured, using a fine powdered composite material that resembles sandstone. The printer technology is based on the CMYK colour spectrum (390,000 distinct colours) and achieves a resolution of up to 600×540 dpi.

Sandstone is a brittle material with a rough surface that must be handled with care. Exposure to water may cause fading, however, our protective, matt coating will provide some resistance to water, moisture and UV-rays. Ideally the figurines are kept away from direct exposure to sunlight (e.g. avoid placing them by the window). Material option 1 is the most cost-effective method to 3D-print models in full-colour.

Once the customer approves the final model version, the turnaround time will be approx. 15 business days.

Express processing is available (10 business days, but subject to +20% charge)

Material option 2: Full-colour polyjet (photo-polymer resin)

Full-Colour polyjet is a rigid plastic material printed on the powerful Stratasys J750 3D-printer. The printer uses polyjet technology by jetting photo-polymer materials in ultra-thin layers onto a build tray, layer by layer until the model is completed. Each photo-polymer layer is cured by UV light immediately after being jetted, producing fully cured models. The result is a clear (matt) plastic-like look, achieving 500,000 colour combinations (opaque, vivid full-colour).

Compared to CJP (material option 1), polyjet has better mechanical properties, chemical resistance, more vivid colours, smoother surface and offers finer details over all.

Turnaround time and express processing options are the same as material option 1.

Make sure to choose one appointment slot per pet/person to be scanned. One session is approx. 3-5 min.

For best digital modelling results we recommend you to take a quick look at our FAQ sections here:

Getting 3D-scanned – Useful pre-read! 

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