A few words about 3Dfy.me …

We are proud to be the first providers of personal 3D-full-body digitisation services to the New Zealand consumer and commercial market. Our state-of- the-art digital capturing (3D-scanning) technology creates photo-realistic digital 3D-human (or animal) models of our customers. This means that you can get a model made of you and your nine beady-eyed squirrels posing in formation, Beyonce style. Once captured you will be able to privately view, share, 3D-colour- print or use your interactive digital 3D-models for value-added personal 3D-lifestyle services..

You don’t need an actual reason to get a 3D-model, but just in case. These Occasions are perfect:

-Getting married and want individual wedding cake figurines of your actual selves? Hello 3dfy.me

-Perfect for jubilee brides and grooms

-Great gift for your parents’ birthdays, mother’s / father’s day, Christmas, e.t.c. You know they don’t have enough pictures of themselves

-Makes for a really cool gift at corporate events

-You know how your parents are always asking to see their grandkids? Need I say more?

-Capture a moment with your best friend, or pet (yes, we know your pet is your best friend)

-Get a 3D-figurine that captures multiple phases in your family’s life, from toothless grins to well, toothless grins.

-There’s no better way to immortalise your love as a couple than with a pair of 3D-replicas

-Celebrate your team’s success by getting a 3D-effigy of your team (sports, office, etc)

-It’s a very good way to incentivise your employees.

-Graduations; gowns, caps, and all.

-…And Because you can

We can bring a stand to your event (e.g. weddings, graduations, business events, etc.) as a mobile pop-up or you can get scanned at our Wellington studio. Please  visit our scanning booth (“Beambox”) in person (and/or with your pets if you like) and create your personal online account.

So stay tuned … for more exciting updates from the 3Dfy.me’s world of digital 3D-full-body modeling.